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Division of General Administration

Division of General Administration 
gather and compile all on-campus research recourse
amend R&D laws and regulations
handle academic evaluations, academic activities
handle the administrative matters of the committees

Karo Chang ext:7171 E-mail:

  • relevant matters of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

   --apply animal experiment
   --assist conservative animal application

  • biosafety Committee
       --apply recombinant DNA
       --hold biosafety protection program
       --assist apply contagious bio-material
       --apply new BSL-2 lab
       --internal checking for origin BSL-2 lab
       --approve above 2nd level lab bio-material import, export and adjustment
       --compile contagious bio-material statistics lists of the above 2nd level lab
       --assist the Department of Health Centers for Disease Control on biosafety checking

  • administer the matters of the Management Committee of BSL-3

  • handle the documents that relevant to conferences from other school

S.P Wang 6053 E-mail:
  • budget and overall planning of NYMU Aim for the top university plan
  • relevant matters of UST Plan
  • subsidize of on-campus organizations
       --subsidize postgraduate students’ outstanding essay presentations
       --subsidize publish academic essays
  • subsidize of off-campus organizations

Lou-Hui Kuo ext:5337 E-mail:

  • relevant matters of the Institutional Review Board(IRB)

   -- Human subjects review
 IRB Education & Training

Hung Hsiang Chang ext: 6059 E-mail:

  • execute information administration computerized affairs of R&D Division
  • establish and maintain the personal website of research talent
  • R&D Division website establish and maintain
  • provide primary information about databases
  • cooperate with the Information and Communication Center for integrate and promote the administration computerized