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About R&D office

About the Office of Research & Development


     National Yang Ming University established the R&D section in 1999, in order to fulfill the century mission of industrialization of academic research achievements, and then extended the organization in 2001, officially named the office of Research & Development Division. The R&D division is responsible for promoting internal research programs and external industry-education and academic-industry cooperation projects. To make a comprehensive survey, among most of the domestic biotech industries are lacking in research and development department, National Yang Ming University is not only willing to provide the newest biotech information for industries, but also hope to be able to ally with the industries, mutual strive for a better biotech future.


Organization of the Office of Research & Development


     Office of Research and Development including:

Dean of the Division of Research and Development and Associate Dean of the Division of Research and Development, there are three sections: Planning & Administration Section, Project Management Section and Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Transfer Section, and there are also three centers: Research Service Center, Incubation Center and Instrumentation Resource Center as well as several other research centers.




Organization  chart